Rishikesh River Rafting: Your 2024 Guide to Riding Rapids

The sacred Ganges River provides exhilarating rapids for adrenaline junkies seeking the thrill of navigating splashing waves. Before delving into details about these sections with steep gradients and increased velocity, let’s review essential information to plan your Rishikesh water rafting trip.

Best Time For River Rafting In Rishikesh

Rafting season in Rishikesh starts after the monsoon season. However, the cold temperatures in December and January make rafting challenging during this time.

Best time for river rafting in Rishikesh: September – November and February – June

My first rafting experience was truly unforgettable. We embarked on a thrilling 16 km journey from Shivpuri to Rishikesh, and it was exhilarating. The weather was pleasant, with a light drizzle adding to the excitement as we navigated the strong waves. It’s an experience of a lifetime that everyone should try at least once.

Top Rafting Spots in Rishikesh

  • Brahmapuri To Rishikesh: The Brahmapuri to Rishikesh stretch is a gentle rafting option suitable for all ages. It’s perfect for first-timers or those with a fear of water, offering a fun rafting experience without the intense thrill.
  • Shivpuri To Rishikesh: Combining thrill and pleasure, the Shivpuri to Rishikesh stretch offers an intermediate level of difficulty. The Grade III rapids can provide a heart-skipping experience. However, this stretch is not recommended for the faint-hearted or those without swimming skills.

  • Marine Drive To Rishikesh: Similar to the previous stretch, this one also offers an intermediate level of difficulty. However, it includes 14 rapids, with Grade III rapids occurring consecutively, which adds to the challenge. After navigating the difficult phase, there’s a long stretch of gentler rafting, allowing rafters to relax and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

  • Kaudiyala To Rishikesh: Attention novice rafters, this stretch is reserved for experienced individuals. The long and challenging stretch requires strength, determination, and skill. One of the rapids on this route, known as The Wall, is renowned as one of the most difficult rapids globally.

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