Pahalgam in November: Your Ultimate 2024 Destination Guide!

Pahalgam, Kashmir, is among the scenic hill stations in high demand, especially during the holiday and summer months of June and July. The refreshing and cool air of Pahalgam provides relief from the scorching heat and pollution. However, the hill station transforms into a snow-covered paradise in November, becoming a favorite month among locals. The onset of winter in October transitions into a magical and serene atmosphere in November, attracting more tourists and travelers.

Weather In November

In November, Pahalgam’s weather drops to sub-zero temperatures, covering the mountains in snow and turning roads icy. Locals navigate through the snow, bundled up in heavy jackets. Despite the chilly reception, Pahalgam in November offers new activities and accommodations, promising an awesome experience for guests.

You must visit Aru Valley for its breathtaking views of mountains, snow, and river. The road to Aru Valley is mesmerizing, offering stunning vistas. Once there, you can enjoy activities such as horse riding and sledding at reasonable fixed rates, unlike Gulmarg. However, photographers can be quite intrusive. Walking on snow beside the flowing river and taking in the stunning views is truly remarkable.

Best Places To Visit In Pahalgam

  • Aru Valley : Aru Valley is a picturesque tourist spot offering meadows, rivers, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. It serves as a base camp for winter activities like skiing, white river rafting, horse riding, and sledging. Near the Kolahoi glacier, it provides views of snow-capped mountains.
  • Lidder River : The tranquil river in Pahalgam is ideal for fishing and boating, attracting both guests and locals. It flows through the valley, offering one of Pahalgam’s most famous views. Mainly used for irrigation, it fulfills the locals’ needs year-round.
  • Kolahoi Glacier : The Kolahoi glaciers, part of the Himalayan range, reach a towering height of 4700 meters. These snowy expanses offer opportunities for trekking and hiking, but expeditions should be led by experienced groups due to the glacier’s hollow interior.

Best Things To Do In Pahalgam

  • Winter Sports: Winter sports take the spotlight at the snow festival, attracting participants for competitions, races, and games. Rafting, skiing, and sledging are among the most popular activities, with many people learning them from various institutions specifically for the festival.
  • Fishing: Fishing is enjoyable in pleasant weather, but it becomes an exciting and challenging activity when done in almost frozen lakes like the Liddon river. It’s a relaxing activity that also promotes blood circulation, suitable for those who don’t enjoy sports.
  • Trekking: Trekking in Pahalgam in November offers unparalleled views and allows you to discover hidden places inaccessible by car. Proper, snow-proof boots are essential. Trekking is a recommended activity in Pahalgam year-round.

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